Briscoe Citizens' Review Committee Stifled

Briscoe Committee members hold their ground, seek transparency.

We wanted to provide an update on the April 16 Briscoe Citizens Review Committee not just because of the information provided by the FAA which confirmed if Briscoe Field is expanded, Gwinnett County government will have no ability to regulate operations, including approach patterns, holding patterns, number of daily flights, size of aircraft, or limit the hours of flight operations.

From our perspective as observers, the more important issue is that the committee is being denied access to information, companies and people who could provide information upon which a sound decision could be made.

The resolution chartering the Citizens’ committee indicated access to consultants would be allowed, in February the DOT staff identified Mike Boyd, a prominent aviation industry consultant, to give the committee an overview of the passenger aviation industry.  Originally, Mr. Boyd was to address the committee via phone call.  In mid-March the DOT staff informed the committee that due to scheduling conflicts Mr. Boyd could only respond to written questions, even though the committee members indicated they were willing to adjust meeting dates and times to fit Mr. Boyd’s schedule. 

Yesterday the DOT staff attempted to skip over the scheduled input from Mike Boyd and guide the committee into some type of issue reconciliation process which would lead to a committee recommendation.  When questioned by committee members the DOT staff indicated Mr. Boyd was biased on the subject. 

When questioned the DOT staff said Mr. Boyd's independence was unclear because he has consulted for Delta Airlines in the past.

Fortunately, members of the committee held their ground pointing out that perhaps Mr. Boyd's prior engagement with Delta may be an indication of his qualification and that perhaps his opinion should be heard, and demanded the agreed upon information from Mr. Boyd be presented at the April 23 Committee meeting.

We can only surmise why the Citizens’ committee established to help bring “transparency to the process as well as provide useful information and recommendations during the potential privatization process” has been stifled.  However we can state, without reservation, someone is attempting to control the information flow to the committee and to You the public.

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GregRodgers April 23, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Right Kristi....I never heard that he did the demo....I was just pointing out that he did say that the 737's were so quiet that it would not bother the residents.
Kristi Reed April 23, 2012 at 04:06 PM
Hi Greg - I understand. I just wanted to emphasize that he really did say that and that the demo has not yet been done (he said at the time it would be done within a few weeks and that was in March of 2011).
GregRodgers April 23, 2012 at 04:08 PM
Floyd...We are not talking about Gulfstream Airplanes we are talking about 737. Yes...I have stood outside at Hartsfield when a 737 takes off...I can report...Its not Quiet. Also, the residents around PDK are the ones complaining. In the article, I've posted above it states: "“I just think if my flights are lower longer, those flights are impacting more people, more citizens,” said Mike Van Wie, PDK's airpport director. “If there is more noise and more pollution, we expect more complaints.” So what is that you are saying about noise at PDK? The director at the airport seems to contradict what you are saying. Plus the people that live near that airport even with the small aircraft HAVE BEEN COMPLAINING!!...so with reading that you think that there will not be complaints with bigger aircraft. Next, you will say you want us to believe that Gingrich could've gotten us $2.50 gas if he was elected....LOL .
Brian Crawford April 23, 2012 at 04:42 PM
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the only way you folks are going to stop the privatization of Briscoe field is to forget the polite politics of the Citizens Review Committee (which in reality is just a tool for those in power to claim they've given you a voice), and get loud. Have you considered staging an Occupy Briscoe Field? Have there been demonstrations? Have you canvased the surrounding neighborhoods door to door to garner support? The Social Networking appeals don't seem to be working very well. My son bought a house directly in the flight path last year and had no idea this was happening until just recently.
GregRodgers April 30, 2012 at 01:16 PM
Hey Floyd... If your Gulfstreams are so quite....why are there HUGE restictions on them taking off and landing at John Wayne Airport In CA...under its Noise Abatement Policy http://www.ocair.com/generalaviation/ganoise.aspx From the webite: Warning: Based on available historical noise data gathered by the Access and Noise Office and as determined by the Airport Director, the following list of aircraft are presumed incapable of meeting noise limitations defined in the GANO and are not permitted to land, tie down, take off or be based at the Airport, except in an emergency (this list is periodically updated and is maintained by the Access and Noise Office, 949.252.5185): Aircraft Presumptively Incapable of Nighttime Departure Operations: •Gulfstream II, IIB, III Aircraft Presumptively Incapable of Nighttime Arrival Operations: •Gulfstream II, IIB, III Really? Stop pushing nonsense Floyd..and stop making up stuff to support your good bud Mike and his cash grabbing friends! "


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