Did You Know THIS About Your Neighbor?

10 things I bet you did not know about your neighbor, Trae Stewart.

, located on Barnett Shoals Road, is a contemporary American restaurant that serves breakfast, brunch and lunch.

While you chow down on pizza, burgers, sandwiches, salads or soups, have you ever wondered about the woman behind the eatery? I asked owner Trae Stewart to tell me things I would not know about her by just joining my gal pals for lunch...


1. Trae likes to knit and sew.

2. She also enjoys tinkering with cars.

3. Trae has worked as a vet tech, farm hand, mechanic and a bookkeeper.

4. She loves animals more than people.

5. Trae is a single mom of a daughter in the 9th grade and a son in the 4th grade.

6. She plays words with friends...you'll have to ask her IN PERSON to do this with you at the restaurant of course! Then you will be a friend, too...

7. Trae likes to read the dictionary and the encylopedia.

8. Trae prefers snail mail to email..."old school!"

9. She dances in her kitchen while cooking...regardless of who's watching!

10. She overloads herself because she has a hard time saying "no."

Andrea Williams March 01, 2012 at 08:52 PM
I am reading Wikipedia right now Trae!


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