Donating to Goodwill? Time is Running Out for 2012 Tax Deductible Donations

There are just a few days left to take advantage of a tax deduction by donating to Goodwill.

Monday, Dec. 31 is the last day donations can be applied to the current tax year, so these next few days are a good time to see what you have to donate to Goodwill.

At this time of year, Goodwill of North Georgia is usually gearing up for what is traditionally its busiest week.

"Last year, we received more than 87,000 donations during the last week of the year and more than 28,000 on December 31," Elaine Armstrong, director of public relations for Goodwill of North Georgia, said. "People across North Georgia have continued to generously donate throughout the year, and we are hoping for another successful year-end. We also want to remind donors to double-check before they donate."

Donors can give clothing, books, furniture and other household items. Unwanted computer equipment also can be donated. These are then recycled through a partnership with Dell which helps keep potentially harmful items out of landfills.

Because of the increase in activity at its facilities, Goodwill is reminding donors to go through a six-point check of items to be donated before leaving the house.

The following is the checklist suggested by Goodwill:

  1. Are the pockets empty? Make sure you have emptied pant and coat pockets, purses and suitcases of any valuables or items you wish to keep.
  2. Can Goodwill accept this? There are few household items Goodwill cannot accept. Among them are mattresses, large appliances, weapons, chemicals and carpeting.
  3. Would I give this to family member or friend? Goodwill understands its shoppers look for quality items when visiting its stores; therefore, the nonprofit has a policy against selling torn, stained and water-soaked items.
  4. Is it in good used condition? According to the Internal Revenue Service, taxpayers may claim a deduction for donated items that are in good used condition or better.
  5. Did I erase the memory? If you donate a computer, cell phone or other electronic device, be sure to delete any confidential or personal information before you bring it to Goodwill.
  6. Did I make an inventory list? Be sure to make a record of each item you donate. While you won’t need to give it to Goodwill, you may have to produce it for Uncle Sam.

For more information about Goodwill of North Georgia, visit www.goodwillng.org.

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