Thief Uses Woman's Identity to Open Multiple Credit Accounts

As of the time of the report, several thousand dollars in charges had been made.

A Dacula, Ga. woman's identity was used to open three store accounts. Credit: Kristi Reed
A Dacula, Ga. woman's identity was used to open three store accounts. Credit: Kristi Reed
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A thief or thieves have purchased over $9,100 worth of goods using a Dacula woman's identity.

The woman called police on Dec. 11 after learning the thief or thieves had used her name, date of birth, Social Security number and her most recent address to open accounts at Best Buy, HH Gregg and Kohl's. All three accounts were opened on Dec. 7.

According to the woman, $3,985 in merchandise was purchased at Best Buy, $5,074 from HH Gregg and $80 at Kohl's.

The case is listed as active.

The Federal Trade Commission warns consumers to safeguard all personal information, whether on paper, online or stored in your computer or mobile device. Even though you may think your data is secure, the FTC cautions "identity thieves are resourceful: they rummage through your garbage, the trash of businesses, or public dumps. They may work — or pretend to work — for legitimate companies, medical offices, clinics, pharmacies, or government agencies, or convince you to reveal personal information. Some thieves pretend to represent an institution you trust, and try to trick you into revealing personal information by email or phone."

Click here to learn what clues may indicate someone has stolen your information.


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